What You Need To Know About Modern Cyber Security

cyber security

There are more online threats today than ever before, and that’s part of what makes IT security so important if you want to protect your important files, documents, and other company secrets. Generally speaking a modern business can’t afford to be completely offline, and they are certainly at a huge disadvantage if they are. That being said, how can you provide the extra layer of protection you need in today’s world full of online security threats? Read on to find out!

Get The Proper SSL

This is an easy first step to help protect your data, especially when you receive information from your website such as contact forms or e-mail sign ups. An SSL is what changes a http:// route you see in front of most websites to a https://. An SSL encrypts information from anyone trying to look in from the outside, so people sending payment information, giving an email address, or sending any other type of information will have that safe and hacker proof.

cyber security

An SSL is a very basic part of cyber security for a website but it is an important step that can be powerfully effective.

Understand How Password Hacking Works

One of the next most common ways for a person to get hacked or have their online information fall into someone else’s hands is through poor passwords. This goes well past the absolute basics of cyber security like never having passwords that are ridiculously stupid like “password01” or “0123456789.” Understanding how to make the best passwords comes from understanding how password hacking often works.

The reason passwords should include a capital letter, number, and symbol to go with whatever normal letters are also involved is because this prevents people from being able to just “guess” a password and will help confuse the simplest of hacking software that will go through known words.

The other thing you want is a long password. Advanced hacking software is based around trying every single combination available. If between small letters, capital letters, numbers, and punctuation you have say 70 options. That means a two space password has 70 times 70 options, or 4900. That’s nothing for a hacking program to get through. But add just five spaces and that’s 1.6 billion possible passwords. This still isn’t much for a computer program but since it is exponential growth, a long 15 character password with the full variety of extras will be next to impossible to automatically hack.

cyber security

Never Click Suspicious Links

Phishing is how hackers, malware, and other online troublemakers try to get past your cyber security and into places they shouldn’t have access to. This comes from e-mails that claim to be someone else, ask for personal information, or demand you click a link to upload the newest security update to your account. Never click a link from a suspicious source and you should make sure that is company policy for every single person who has access to a computer or account of any type.