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Have You Checked Out The Latest Mobile Apps?

latest mobile apps

What kinds of apps do you like to use on your phone? If you’re like me, and your phone only holds so much, you are constantly having to delete one or two of them to make room for downloading another cool app that you find. Even if you are always looking at the latest mobile apps, it can be difficult to keep up with them all. Of course, just like everyone else, you have certain types of apps that you like.

latest-mobile-appsFor the most part, I like financial apps, apps that link to accounts I have, dating apps and games. However, have you seen the apps that allow you to make spare change, earn gift cards and cash out via Paypal by watching videos, completing surveys and checking out offers? They have caught on like wildfire over the last several years, and there are a ton of these apps out there.

These types of apps also have websites of course, and that is how all of that got started. Some of these types of sites have been around for quite some time, and not all of them have apps. However, when it comes to the latest mobile apps, more and more of these companies keep coming out. In today’s mobile world, they may not even have a regular website, only an app. People use them to save up money for five dollar gift cards or cash out to Paypal as mentioned, and then there are some of them that even let you cash out increments smaller than five bucks.

If you’re into games, there are more current game apps than you could possibly have time for checking out. As a matter of fact, in order for the games to get seen, many of the developers advertise them on the make spare change apps I mentioned. How do they do that? On the spare change apps, there are sections with the latest apps that pay you to download them. You might get a few pennies for checking out a game and making it to a certain level.

mobile-appsIf you go to the app store on your phone and start searching, you’re going to run into apps you never even dreamed about. You might end up downloading all kinds of apps that are outside the realm of what you use most often. There are apps that help you keep up with sports on all levels, and there are tons of apps that are supposed to be funny, things you might want to share with your friends.

You might also want to check out the latest social media apps. Most people have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and other apps that have been out for awhile. However, there are always new apps coming out trying to break through the social media sphere and become popular. Think about what happened with Periscope. There are video streaming apps and all kinds of other new apps you might like. Find out what your next download is going to be.

Some Digital Marketing Advice For Business Owners

digital marketing

A good amount of digital marketing is easy for business owners to do on their own. If you don’t have time to work with it, you can also hire people to assist you. These are some examples of how you can create ads for digital devices.

Email marketing is a great way to market to people digitally. Everyone that is online and uses sites like Facebook will have an email address. You basically have to have one if you want to sign into anything so people will check these accounts often usually. When you want to start sending out your marketing messages, make sure you let people sign up to your list instead of buying a database of addresses. If you just send things to random people, they may start to report what you send as spam meaning eventually everything will go to spam folders marketing tips

Social media sites are great for marketing since tons of people spend all day on these types of websites. You probably see people with their phones out checking out these sites or uploading photos to them. There are ads that you can put up through Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere else because they are running the sites on ad revenue they make. Usually, you are able to select certain types of people to market to like women only of a certain age or people that live in a certain place. Test this by paying for a small campaign at first and then do a bigger one once you get the hang of it.

Another way to use social networks is to create a profile for your company to advertise with. You need to think of it as a professional profile for your business that doesn’t have a lot of personal content. Don’t post about what you did over the weekend with friends or post something about how you love a certain sports team. These things are just going to drive people away. Post about your company and deals it has or at least just interesting content that has to do with your niche for the best results.

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SEO is another way to get the word out about a company you want to market for. The way it works is that you take a few steps to optimize a website’s content, and then it makes your ranking on Google and other search engines go up. Sometimes if you are able to get strong keywords onto your pages, you will see a huge traffic increase. You also have to have nice content that makes sense and contains your keywords naturally. Keep a website updated with nice content to get results that make it worth your while.

Any digital marketing that you want to do will need to be worked on cautiously. It’s easier to create something that works for you when you have experience or you can hire a firm to do the work. Stay on top of this and see business start going up!